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Relationship Status for Facebook

Ways to express your Love Status

Amor, give me this arrow, I'll do that shit by myself.

Balls away, but in good hands!

Bullied by Amor!

Convinced single.

Go and ask Amor. I'm obviously his biggest challenge.

Happy spoken to my single life.

He belongs to me, he only does not know it.

He/ She belongs to me, so stay away!

I don't want anyone. I want the man/ woman for life!

I have enough trouble with my hair.

I'm making love ... with my pillow.

New address: Cloud No. 7 !

Just waiting for you.

Looking for a good home.

My heart is temporarily closed for renovations.

Rather being single than in wrong hands!

Successfully gone down.

Successfully been running against the wall.

Too silly for the love!

Who wants me?