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Friendship Quotes for good fellows

This is friendship

A degree of friendship is called slight when its object is poor or obscure, and intimate when he is rich or famous.
Ambrose Bierce (1842-1914)

A friendship that can end never really began.
Publilius Syrus (around birth of Christ)

Friendship consists in forgetting what one gives and remembering what one receives.
Alexander Dumas (1802-1870)

Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity.
Khalil Gibran (1883-1931)

Friendship is like money, easier made than kept
Samuel Butler (1835-1902)

Friendship is one mind in two bodies.
Mengzi (around 330 B.C.)

Friendship is the marriage of souls.
Voltaire (1694-1778)

Friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together.
Woodrow Wilson (1856-1924)

Friendship with a man is friendship with his virtue.
Mengzi (um 300 v.Chr.)

However rare true love may be, it is less so than true friendship.
François de La Rochefoucauld (1613-1680)

The better part of one's life consists of his friendships.
Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865)

There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship.
Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274)

Quotes about friends

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them?
Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865)

Be slow to fall into friendship, but when thou art in, continue firm and constant.
Socrates (about 430 B.C.)

Friends are born, not made.
Henry Adams (1838-1918)

Make new friends, but don't forget the old ones.

Stay is a charming word in a friend's vocabulary
Louisa May Alcott (1832-1888)

The language of friendship is not words but meanings.
Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862)

The only way to have a friend is to be one.
Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)

Funny friendship quotes

There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.
Charles Dickens (1812-1870)

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