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The best Facebook status postings

Status quotes for the facebook community

Facebook is the only book we read every day.

Every time I see a yellow light I say to myself: "Challenge accepted”.

Facebook account for sale, friends included.

Facebook should have a “No one cares!” button.

If I would want you to know what I think, I would talk!

If life gives you a lemon, ask for tequila and salt.

If you can read this please let me know, because it means I've blocked the wrong person.

I know, I've read it on Facebook!

I never understood why they have life jackets under our seats on planes instead of parachutes.

I refuse to go bungee jumping. I came into this world because of a broken rubber, I'm not leaving because of one.

I want to have a Facebook account with the name “Nobody”. So when I see stupid stuff people post, I can like it and it will say “Nobody likes this”.

Liking your own Facebook status is like a high five with yourself in public!

Show me your ringtone and I guess your graduation!

Welcome to reality, may I take you on a tour?

You won't grow up, only the toys are getting more expensive.
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